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      GMW(General Motors Worldwide)

      作者: POM研讨者 公布工夫:2015-11-09 泉源: 环塑团体
      择要:2007年,环塑团体获得国际GMW (General Motors Worldwide)认证

      About GMW
      Consolidated material specifications of GM global network
      Need to allow the exception of regional material specification 
      Get certificates from GME (OPEL) in Feb. 2007
       - TRIREX 3022L1 (SL) : PC (Group 3-Type 1)
       - TRILOY 210 : PC/ABS (Group 1-Type 1, Group 2-Type 1) 
       - TRIEL 5401BM BK : TPEE (Group 1-Type 3)
      环塑团体GMW (General Motors Worldwide)认证环塑团体GMW (General Motors Worldwide)认证书内容